"Sustainable fashion is not a trend, it's the future"

At Annabel Allen Millinery we feel passionately that it is our responsibility to ensure that all of our materials are sourced from sustainable origins; that each person, animal and plant in the production chain are treated fairly and ethically.  We use cruelty free animal products such as feathers, which are shed naturally or a by-product of ethical farming practices.  Many of our hats are vegan and designs can always be customised to ensure this if required.

We use traditional millinery techniques with the highest quality materials to make each of our hats headpieces by hand to ensure they will pass the test of time.  We also offer the option to re-style an existing piece so that you can update your look without having to buy new.

Packaging is either re-used or made from recycled and recyclable materials.   

If you would like more information about our suppliers and the materials we use or our services please don't hesitate to contact us.