• Top 5 hats for Australian Spring Races
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    Annabel Hitchen

Top 5 hats for Australian Spring Races

Looking out at the good old British drizzle, I think it's time to accept that the sun has left our shores and is heading back down to the southern hemisphere... It was nice whilst it lasted!  So to the stylish ladies Down Under, it's time to shine! Spring carnival season is just around the corner and I know you won't let us down- every year I am blown away with the fabulous array of designs so elegantly paraded around the Aussie racecourses.

To kick start your racewear research I have picked out five of my favourite hats and headpieces, made in England and delivered on your doorstep in Australia in plenty of time for race day.  And to make life easy, these can all be made in a colour to match your outfit.

1. Eday

2. Juliette

3. Isabella

4. JoJo

5. Ensay

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    Annabel Hitchen